Morrocan views

Drying textiles in the shade of the gorge. Oh yes it sounds like a cliche, but the light IS different here. The reflection of the burning orange sand fills all the shadows and lifts the images.

French legacy

The remains of a water tower rises out of the abandoned site of the Legionnaires barracks.
The metal structures are steel presses used for making parts for the busy railway, now gone.

What remains from the French varies from complete railway stations to abandoned vehicles left to bleach clean in the desert.This truck is slowly losing all it’s organic compounds. In time all that will remain is a harsh metal skeleton.

The French railway track left complete. In this harsh land the wooden sleepers are more valuable than the iron rails.
They are taken for fuel, the un constrained lines twist like liquorice in the hot sun

Along side a dried out river bed I notice a head sized ball of lichen. How it manages to draw water from this arid landscape is incredible.