Detailed Projects

The Urban Moth

19th January 2017 Journal

The study of a completely fictitious species of moths that can react to the Anthropocene and change their camouflage to suit. The project is a collaboration with Angela Tait a ceramicist and artist. The concept is a reimagined species which…

Editorial Food

12th September 2016 Journal, Photography

The kitchen is small, busy, hot yet above all it is efficient and friendly [caption id="attachment_1276" align="alignnone" width="300"] ian clegg photography[/caption] Save Save

Socially Engaged Art Project – Media City

10th March 2016 Community, Journal, Photography

The audience or group was a cross section of business people and entrepreneurs not normally accustomed to making art but probably involved in commissioning it through the creative industry they work in. Participants were asked to choose small objects in…

Ceramic review

27th January 2016 Another Category

[gallery columns="2" ids="1232"] Editorial discussing the production and use of the ceramic camera in the field. Article gives critical discussion and follows the creation of an exhibition at the Accademia de Belle Arti, Macerata, Italy.


21st January 2016 Illustration

An almost forgotten man made river was a great source for a project about the Anthropocene. The water hungry age of the industrial revolution had as much effect on the landscape as agriculture on the countryside. This map traced the…

Erinma – The peacemaker

17th January 2016 Uncategorised

Portrait Sculpture I was asked by Karen to make an image of the clay model of the bust in the hope of gaining funding to use gunmetal for a final piece. It worked and she produced a beautiful cast. I…

Pinhole Camera

17th January 2016 Photography

Pinhole Photography, The recording of the longlasting light

501colour_Published Ceramic Review 2015