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Café Royal Books have published me & free print

Book with free print

To celebrate the first edition print run of Café Royal book (ISSN 2752-5519) 36pp.
I am including a signed and numbered mini print on the obverse, with each book, limited to the first 50.
The Cost is the same as from Café Royal without the print @ £9.00 including postage to the U.K. There is also a brief description of the taking of the image.
Just drop me an email @ iankclegg@btinternet.com with your address, and I will reply with payment details. 

Tell It Like It Is, Exhibit, open well into March 24

In the gallery room at The Real Camera Company, Hatton Garden Liverpool, L3 2FE.

I am re-showing a selection of Silver Halide Gelatin prints from the show previously exhibited in the the Open Eye. Now this is an opportunity for people to see them in the ‘real’ as last time COVID got in the way. There is also a reel of over a hundred images not previously seen. See post above for the book to compliment the show.

Silver prints are Supporting by the digital reel

Please pop in during business hours, it is a lovely gallery and a fantastic camera shop selling only used, mainly analogue photography ‘Stuff’. Send me a message through the contact page if you like the work.

Capstone Theatre Gallery, Angel Festival, Liverpool.

A collaboration with Dr Okpoti . Interaction of photography and music ultimately forms a seven-part project. An artistic intervention into the life and work of John Ruskin, showcasing a unique and multidisciplinary look at traditional but overlooked RGB Still Life Photography process and Contemporary Classical Organ Music reconnecting the ‘7 Lamps’ of Ruskin’s work. Made accessible for contemporary audiences through prints combined with QR codes for engagement with the musical elements

Beaming after installing the first three pieces
QR Code to take you to the supporting music
Installed in the chill area.

Article, Northern Ireland, a round trip.

Morne Mountains

Day one, Classic Land Rover owner Gerard McKay gave us a whistle-stop tour of the bottom right of Northern Ireland, with the occasional jaunt across the border. This high spot gave us a fantastic view, and we were grateful for Gerard’s gift of scones and butter, eaten off the wings of the Landies. Ian ‘photographing’ and Care ‘doing the words’.

Belfast Docks

Belfast Docks, The Doctors Land Rover

Sometimes you spot a backdrop that just suits the subject so well. We were surrounded by wonderful machinery and buildings but this small doorway to this engineering company look special. This Land Rover, James’s Dad’s, was left in a hedge on the farm after it stopped working. He meticulously hand-painted it and restored the chassis, remarkably the engine didn’t need anything done to it. The vehicle and James will be featured in Land Rover Classic magazine in Dec 22.

Ireland, via Land Rover, Classic Land Rover Magazine, Oct 22 issue

Birkenhead docks Ian Clegg

The start of the Irish trip begins at Birkenhead docks, whilst waiting for the ferry we venture some pics by the Old Tunnel vent. Incredible structure made from millions of bricks. opened in 1934.

Liverpool nominated buildings of the U.K.

Probe records, building number 45, a published article nominating them as building of interest, put forward by graphic designer ‘Swifty’ in association with the ‘Building Centre’ London . Using my image of the record shop and a quote from my experiences there.

Black + White Noise Exhibition, Interactive exhibition in the Media Factory Gallery, UCLan Preston.

A set of 6 New Works of Transitioning Photography and Organ Composition.

Fallen, Soft, Waking, Disappearance, Light, Touch

A combination of photographic prints and QR Code links to unique music compositions on YouTube.
Based around the Rule of threes – each image is created from 3 black and white images and the music utilizes the variants of threes in harmony rhythm and texture.

Artist statement –
Memories tend to be black and white; colours and sounds seem to fade over time, leaving contrasty images and thoughts.

Photographer Ian Clegg Says:
We interrogate this process by beginning with photographs in black and white and reverse engineering them into colour. As Vilem Flusser (2000) remarks, “black and white can reveal the concept of a photograph”. So, what if the colour photograph was a combination of three significant black and white images combined with sound? Does this improve the intended narrative or enhance the memories?

Booklets to support the exhibit

The tech bit –
The method involves photographing a subject with a black and white only camera through red, green and blue filters. The resultant monochrome images are then combined in an RGB colour space to produce the final image. This image is forever linked to a uniquely composed musical score via a QR code.

Composer Rebekah Okpoti Says:
I was drawn to the melancholy nature of the images. Using the Pipe Organ, Violin and Piano I wanted to capture the tone and timbre the images that were resting within. The photography is worked on in Threes so the musical composition also uses Aristotle’s Rule of three; that is
“The Rule of Three as a principle in writing that suggests that things that come in threes are inherently funnier, more satisfying, or more effective than other numbers of things.” The composition uses the variants of 3s in harmony, rhythm and texture.

Artisans and Photographers, research project.

Tracy Wells, a participant in the artisan and photography research project.

Photographer, Art Director, Designer, Visualiser, Creative Director, Account Manager, Artist, Lecturer are but some of the many job titles I have had during my experience within the advertising world. Throughout the decades I have worked on both sides of the camera, and spent the last 3 years researching the role photography takes in enabling artisans to maximise their presence on the high street. 
As stated in my book – Creating photography for artisans, I include document blanks and further projects that I have been involved with my case studies – go to the menu tab for more info.

Broach and hat pin, Tartan thistle

Blog, United Kingdom versus New Zealand

A playful look at the different (and same) cultural nuances of both countries. My imagery from the U.K. and Sam Henderson’s from New Zealand. https://ukvnz.wordpress.com

Visit United Kingdom v New Zealand blog

The Moroccan Land Rover articleSave

On the Tinfou dunes Morocco, just west of Algeria.

Qued Tensift river north of Marrakesh

In a journey around Morroco, we had one battered Series II and a Defender in tow. From river bed to rocky desert, Legionnaires forts and orange sand dunes. A local guide took us through the huge sand dunes. Whilst we drove in Land Rovers with squashy tyres he showed us the route on a 50cc moped. What a guy!
Out of the dusty landscape came this incredible figure carrying an immense load of what looked like dried plants. Brandishing an adz and shoeless. Then the groups of children that ran out from the mountain villages, or the extremely inventive fitter who repaired our unrepairable Land Rover’s tyre.

The Lost Pubs

ian clegg photography
The Lost Pubs of Manchester
Many many of these watering houses are no more, with the amount closing per week only the gastro and brasserie styled ones are surviving.

Whitaker Gallery, Rawtenstall, a third place

ian clegg photography
Whitaker Gallery, Third space

Urban Moth, a collaborative project

ian clegg photography the Urban Moth Project
ian clegg photography the Urban Moth Project Context

The unseen, hidden areas of empty houses

Empty home

Vintage Collection of SX70 Polaroids

Vintage Polaroids

From film to web

ian clegg photographer
Ian Clegg Through the viewfinder

A background in Design and Advertising. Creating images for publications, exhibitions and commissions. Also a penchant for film and alternative processes, running workshops and sessions to spread the word or image.

Please contact me before using any images from this site, they are all tagged and watermarked for copyright.

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